Gift wrap decorations
Magnet Men
Funky girraffes
Wine glass decorations
Claire Walker inherited a horse who turned out to be rather expensive to feed - so BUZZ !! was born, as a means for Claire to earn more horse food money!  This bright and colourful stall offers a wealth of unusual gifts: Magnet Men, Wine Whirls,  Shoe-Bead-Doos, Book Hooks, Rosewood & Ebony spoons and bowls, Ostrich egg bowls, Feather pens, Gift wrap decorations, rope flowers and more. Contact Claire on 082 656 2020 or [email protected]

Ostrich egg bowls
Ostrich egg condiment dishes.
Table cloth weights
Lace up shoe decorations
Decorative rope flowers
Feather pens
Rosewood & ebony spoons