Harkerville Market

Buzy Bee

Ulrike Baldzuhn has been growing cut flowers and foliage organically for 18 years, since moving to Harkerville from Cape Town. Her colourful stall is always abuzz, not only with bees but visitors, too - all eager to take home a bunch of fragrant lavender or bright blooms. She supplies to florists, sells wholesale and arranges flowers for weddings and functions. Contact Ulrike on 082-4141091 or baldzuhn@telkomsa.net


 Ulrike amongst her blooms - holding a posy.

Ulrike scatters lavender leaves around her stall early in the morning and the heavenly fragrance wafts all around.

 Colourful bunches.

Ulrike also sells her organic home grown vegetables from her stall - so not only beautiful, but healthy too!  

Proteas in season

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